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North Carolina Firefighters Burned Children’s Fund
Organization dedicated to the support and recovery of burn patients and the prevention of burn injuries. Organized in 1989 in Charlotte, NC, the fund now fundraises for child burn victims across the state.
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Fire Prevention and Education Resources

Firewise Communities
A program by the National Fire Protection Association to encourage local solutions for wildfire safety by involving residents, firefighters, etc. in an effort to protect property and people from the risk of wildfire.
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National Fire Protection Association
An international nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the burden of fire and other hazards to quality of life around the world. They are an authoritative source on public safety.
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North Carolina Child Passenger Safety Resource Center
Great resource for parents to stay up-to-date on current NC laws concerning occupant restraint, education on the proper use of child restraints and seat installation, and safety training programs.
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North Carolina Forestry Service
To protect, manage and develop the forest resources of the state. Programs include reforestation services, forest fire prevention and suppression, and insect and disease control.
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North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal
The State Fire Marshal also serves as the Commissioner of Insurance. The OSFM office handles training fire and rescue personnel to administering the state building code, and more.
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Safe Kids North Carolina
This state group works to prevent injuries in children aged 14 and under through education and outreach. Risk areas include bike, playground, firearm, and falls safety as well as burn and choking prevention.
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Safe Kids USA
A nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating preventable childhood injuries with 600 grassroots coalitions across the United States. Very handy resource for parents.
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Very fun and interactive site for children to learn about fire safety. With fun activities, cartoons, and other interactive games, kids will learn important safety information while having a good time!
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US Fire Administration
The USFA provides natural leadership to foster a solid foundation for our fire and emergency services stakeholders in prevention, preparedness, and response. A division of FEMA.
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Firefighter Resources