Insurance Classifications and Ratings

Determining the insurance classification for your property is not as difficult as it may sound. First determine the distance from the nearest fire station to your property. Google, map quest and other internet tools are great resources. You may also use your vehicle’s odometer to determine the distance. Remember the distance is measured in road miles using common, year-round accessible routes of travel. The Blue Ridge Parkway may not be used due to the seasonal closings. Our Stations are located at:

Station 1 – 8001 Valley Blvd. Blowing Rock NC 28605

Station 2 –6165 US Hwy 221 South Blowing Rock NC 28605

Station 3-2409 Aho Road Boone NC 28607

  • If your property is within the corporate limits of Blowing Rock your property protection classification is 4.
  • If your property is located within 5 miles of a fire station and also within 1000 feet of a rated water supply, the property protection class is 4.
  • If you are five miles or less from a station then your classification is a 9s.
  • If you are more than five miles but less than 6 miles from a station your classification is 9E.  The E is for extended and means that the rating for that property will only have the potential to improve if a fire station is placed within 5 miles.
  • If your property is located more than six miles from a fire station your property classification is a 10 or “unprotected”.

The locations of rated water supplies are shown on the District Map.

Information about the number and types of apparatus may be found on the Stations and Apparatus page.

This is a simplified view of the North Carolina Response Rating System.   Some situations may require a more involved assessment. For more information about your property classification, the NCRRS or ISO please contact the Fire Station.