Technical Rescue


Blowing Rock Fire and Rescue responds to all types rescue calls. Common calls for service include motor vehicle accidents and search and rescue of lost or injured hikers in the wilderness areas of our district. Blowing Rock Fire and Rescue’s Technical Rescue Trailer,  equipped for structural collapse, trench rescue and confined space rescue, is the only unit of its kind in Watauga County and is available to respond anywhere in the area.


Technical rescue covers a wide array of emergencies. Extrication from vehicles is probably one of the most common technical rescues and one that most people are familiar with. Vehicle extrication is just one of the many rescue disciplines.

Technical Rescue includes:

  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Rope rescue
  • Water Rescue (surface, swift and ice)
  • Confined space rescue
  • Trench rescue
  • Wilderness search and rescue
  • Agricultrical Rescue
  • Tower Rescue

Agencies providing rescue services must meet minimum standards established by the North Carolina Association of Rescue and EMS. Agencies may be certified in one of three levels and certified in a variety of specialties.

  • Light rescue
  • Medium rescue
  • Heavy rescue

Blowing Rock Fire and Rescue is a Heavy Rescue Provider and holds specialty certifications in Ice Rescue and High Angle Rescue.

Find more information about the standards for rescue providers by visiting the NC Association of Rescue and EMS.

Rescue Equipment

Every fire truck, ambulance and support vehicle operated by Blowing Rock Fire and Rescue carries some type of rescue equipment, whether it be rope, life jackets or cutting tools. Rescue 1 is a Heavy Rescue Truck dedicated to hauling specialized rescue equipment. Rescue 1 is supplement by a 28 foot Technical Rescue Trailer equipped with manual, hydraulic, air and gas operated equipment necessary to perform confined space, trench and structural collapse rescues.

Rescue Training

North Carolina certifies rescuers through the Technical Rescuer Program. Certification as a Technical Rescuer begins with a 81 to 88 hour general curriculum followed by courses in the specific disciplines that Rescuer chooses to be certified in.

Visit the North Carolina Technical Rescuer Certification website for more information.